Effective online and offline programs for managers and specialists of beautiful business
Stress-Free Beauty Business with a Smile
And increase your income?
For 16 years, I have trained more than 25,000 representatives of beautiful business around the world
4 problems of beauty salons,
Which you can solve thanks to our programs
  • Personnel
    • Masters often leave
    • It's hard to find new ones
    • Employees don't want to work well
    • Difficulties of working with a team
  • Clients
    • Clients are leaving
    • Attracting new ones is difficult
    • Many competitors
    • Advertising doesn't work
  • Customer Service
    • Customers don't like the service
    • Customers are unhappy
    • Complaints and bad reviews
    • Staff does not comply with standards
  • Money
    • Large expenses
    • Low profit
    • High percentages for masters
    • Low sales of additional services and goods
Who are my clients?
Successful owners, managers, administrators and masters of the beauty industry who:
  • Passionate about their work
    • They burn with their profession
    • Continuously improve their skills
    • They want to keep up with the times
  • Open to the new
    • Ready to learn and learn new methods
    • Looking for fresh ideas and inspiration
    • Appreciate a practical approach to learning
  • Strive for growth
    • They want to increase the profit of their business
    • Want to maintain and increase the customer base
    • They set goals and achieve them
  • Trust the experts
    • Prefer to work with professionals
    • Appreciate effective programs that give results
    • Ready to invest in themselves and in their staff
What are the results
My clients are seeking ✶
  • plus 45%
    In 1 year
  • plus 15%
  • plus 65%
    In 6 months
✶ According to the data collected after the training programs among our 2,500 clients

What format of training should I choose?

3 options that will lead you to success
For those who choose live learning and communication
You can choose from 12 offline training programs, both for managers and for the entire team of your business. Each training includes 20% theory and 80% practice. It is possible to go to any city or to your beauty salon.
Choose full-time training for events, conferences or for your team
Support and training programs for the growth and development of your beauty business
How coaching works
Accompanying the manager on the way to success
Creating a list of queries that need to be worked out to solve a problem or achieve the desired result. Preliminary coordination of the set goals with the business coach.
Online meeting to find the best ways to solve the tasks and goals, as well as to get out of a certain situation in a profitable and effective way.
Maintaining communication and support on additional issues or nuances that may arise when solving tasks or using certain tools to achieve them.
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"Creating beauty is an art, selling beauty is a business"


Three times certified international business coach, ICTA coach, service and sales expert in the beauty business.
  • For 14 years I have been integrating five-star service and helping business and beauty specialists to grow. I lived and worked in the United States for 4 years, where I gained extensive experience in the service and promotion of the beauty business. During this time, I have already conducted more than 2,000 live trainings and trained more than 18,000 employees.
  • I have two higher educations, legal and pedagogical. The second one helps me a lot in teaching and creating effective programs.
  • Graduated from the Northwestern University of Coaching, which gives me the opportunity to work competently and effectively with the potential of employees and managers.
  • In order to give you the most effective tools and skills, I am developing my coverage network around the world. I work with salons in Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, USA, Australia, Estonia and CIS countries.
  • Each new idea or new tool undergoes a qualitative and quantitative test at dozens of beauty salons of different levels and in different cities.
  • I keep my blog about the service, YouTube Channels, of course, Instagram. I write articles, brochures and manuals that help specialists in their work and structure the information I have transmitted.
  • In training, I use an integrated approach and proven regulations for the implementation of new service standards, I work closely with managers, as well as train masters and administrators.

My Instagram: https://instagram/romantyrsin

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