Wheel of Success

Target audience of the course:
  • Heads of beauty salons
  • Beauty business owners
  • Future owners and managers of beauty salons

Goals and objectives of the course:
• Improving the efficiency of beauty salon management and increasing its profits.:
• Training of students in modern management methods and strategies for the development of beauty business.
•Development of strategic planning, marketing, personnel management, finance, sales, customer service and time management skills.
• Improving the leadership qualities and personal growth of listeners and due to this; increasing the effectiveness of the team

Course program contains 9 thematic modules:
Module 1. Strategic planning: setting goals and objectives
Module 2. Marketing and promotion: how to attract new customers
Module 3. Personnel management: building an effective team
Module 4. Financial management: cost optimization and profit increase
Module 5. Service and maintenance: creating a customer experience
Module 6. Sales: techniques to increase the average check
Module 7. Time management: time management and increased productivity
Module 8. Personal growth: development of leadership qualities
Module 9. Modern tools for effective work with the client base"

Advantages of the online course:
  • Convenient format: you can study at your convenience and anywhere
  • Accessibility: the course is available to everyone, regardless of your location
  • Practicality: you will get not only theory, but also practical skills that you can immediately apply to your work
  • Efficiency: the course will help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time

Join the course right now and create a magnet from your salon for customers without stress and many mistakes.
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