Service Box
Target audience:
Beauty masters and administrators of beauty salons

What's inside the box?
  1. Program for administrators "Five-star administrator 3.0" (see the full program on the website).
  2. Program for specialists and masters "Five-star service" and "Beautiful sales" (see the full program on the website).

Administrators and masters are trained in separate programs, which gives maximum learning efficiency.

Advantages Of The Service Box:
  • Savings on training, the cost of employee training will be only about 4,900 rubles per year
  • Full control of the manager over the training process, access to statistics for each employee
  • Ability to train new employees at no additional cost during the year
  • Each employee trains independently in his personal account and can choose a convenient time for training
  • When an employee is dismissed or hired, he can be easily removed from the Box or added to it.
This price is for a box for 10 employees.
Access to the "Service Box" is provided for a period of 12 months.
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